Raviv Ganchrow

Fields of research:

- Contextual interrelationships between 'sound' and 'space' with particular focus on material modalities of sound.

- The determinant role of 'listening' in epistemologies of 'place', 'sound' and 'subjectivity'.

- Phonography and site-specific sound intervention in relation to the aural dimension of architecture and public space.

- Development of phased array transducer techniques for spatial sound projection in applications such as Wave Field Synthesis.

- Dedicated software development for multi-channel listening setups with emphasis on the phenomenology of timbral-spatial articulation.


Peter Pabon

In his research on the detailed modeling of sound quality, there is the central notion that sound analysis and sound synthesis are inseparable. A dedicated synthesis system can only be improved on or reacted on with a close matching analysis system that is capable of resolving its targeted qualities and vice versa, the descriptive meaning of a sound analysis model can only be judged and improved on with an equally powerful synthesis system that is capable of controlling the targeted sound qualities.

Fields of research:

- General methodology in the objective description of voice quality using the Voice Range Profile.

- The description of the acoustical effects of singing voice training.

- Log-scale based joined time/frequency modeling.



Kees Tazelaar

Fields of research:

- Electronic music at Philips Research Laboratories 1956-1960.

- The Philips Pavilion for the Brussels Expo 1958 and Le Poème électronique by Le Corbusier, Xenakis and Varèse.

- The electronic music of Gottfried Michael Koenig.

- The electronic music of Dick Raaijmakers and Jan Boerman.

- The electronic music of Tom Dissevelt.

- The early years of Dutch electronic music.

- Preservation, conservation and remastering of electronic music on analogue tape.