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Sonology bachelor's students at Next Generation 7.0

On Friday 16 June 2017, Sonolology bachelor’s students Miro Bollen (NL), Dalton Danks (USA), Quirijn Dees (NL), Willem van Erven Dorens (NL), Giammarco Gaudenzi (Italy), Lucie Nezri (France) and Kaðlín Ólafsdóttir (Iceland) presented a 35-minute programme that consisted of individual and collaborative multi-channel fixed media compositions. The works were made in the Institute of Sonology’s analogue and digital studios.

The full programme was:

Miro Bollen: Quadra, fixed media, 4 channels, 5 minutes

Dalton Danks:
 Laser Dream Sauce, fixed media, 4 channels, 7 minutes

Lucie Nezri: Easif (originally for WFS), fixed media, 5.1 channels, 7 minutes

Kaðlín Sara ÓlafsdóttirMen in Groups: No Meaning, fixed media, 4 channels, 4 minutes

Miro Bollen, Dalton Danks, Quirijn Dees, Willem van Erven Dorens, Giammarco Gaudenzi, Lucie Nezri, Kaðlín Sara ÓlafsdóttirCollaborative Composition no.2, fixed media, 4 channels, 8 minutes