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Bachelor's Exam Theses

Julius Raskevicius (exam 2016) Sound object and space: developing concepts by making software
Amir Bolzman (exam 2015) Instrument design for live electronics
Jordy van Velthoven (exam 2015) Atomic Decompositions
Pablo Castro (exam 2014) Aural Potential of Emergence
Nikolaj Kynde (exam 2014) Audio portraits of musical instruments
Jonáš Gruska (exam 2013) Streams & Currents: Wireless Network Sonification and Other Works
Younes Riad (exam 2013) Towards a design of a versatile instrument for live electronic music
Xavier De Wannemaeker (exam 2013) Formalized Groove
Payam Shahali (exam 2012) Objects and Morphology
Tom Srugo (exam 2012) Harmonic Temporal Patterns and their Relation to Timbe and Scale
Sjaak Jöbses (exam 2011) Evolutionary Computation for Computer Music
Ezra Jacobs (exam 2010) Methodes voor het plaatsen van geluid in virtuele ruimte
Casper Schipper (exam 2009) First Reflections on my Compositional Process
Billy Bultheel (exam 2009) Polyphony - Time - Density
Emmanuel Flores (exam 2008) Hybrid Sound Objects
Luc Döbereiner (exam 2008) Structuring Symbolic Spaces
Hugo Morales Murguia (exam 2007) Sonic Gestalts
Olaf Kerckhaert (exam 2007) Zelfexpressie in elektronische muziek
Voldemars Johansons (exam 2007) Information Structures
Jeroen Liebregts (exam 2006) Klankmodellen als Chaotisch Systeem
Gilad Woltsovitch (exam 2006) Space Sequencing


Master's Exam Theses

Dirar Kalash (exam 2016) The Unresolved Maqam
Tomer Baruch (exam 2016) Entrainment, Participation and Speech
Kacper Ziemianin (exam 2015) Non Musical Time as a Point of Departure
So Oishi (exam 2015) Timbral Movements in Electronic Music Composition
Siamak Anvari (exam 2014) Composing Music Based on Carpet
Eddy Kazazis (exam 2014) Audio Descriptive Synthesis “AUDESSY”
Siavash Akhlaghi (exam 2013) Modulating the Logics of Iranian Classical Music
Kathrin Grenzdörffer (exam 2013) A bang, a hiss, and a sigh: Composing with the rhythms of sound and work
Ekkehard Windrich (exam 2013) Detroit Techno: The Aesthetics of Music without Stage and Performance
Alberto Novello (exam 2012) From Invisible to Visible
Bjarni Gunnarsson (exam 2012) Processes and Potentials
Gabriel Paiuk (exam 2012) Tactility, Traces and Code
Ioannis Tsirikoglou (exam 2012) Multidimensional Data-Sets for Sound Applications
Jakob Leben (exam 2012) Artificial Neural Networks in Music Performance
Marie Guilleray (exam 2012) Towards a fluent electronic counterpart of the voice
Sara Pinheiro (exam 2012) sound intermittences
Fani Konstantinidou (exam 2011) Aural Cognition and Listening Imagination in Electronic Music
Babis Giannakopoulos (exam 2011) Stochastic Music as Metaphor
Luc Döbereiner (exam 2010) Model and Material
Takayuki Hamano (exam 2010) Reorganizing Dataflow
Miguel Negrão (exam 2010) Strategies in Diffuse Spatialization
Angel Faraldo (exam 2009) Bridging Opposites
Hugo Morales Murguia (exam 2009) Instrumental Sound Structures
Filipe Lopes (exam 2009) Õdaiko
Angel Arranz (exam 2008) Dismantling the Time
Ji Youn Kang (exam 2008) The Holomovement of Music
Ronald Boersen (exam 2008) Musical Expression
Pandelis Diamantides (exam 2007) Integrating Analytical with Compositional Processes
Martijn Tellinga (exam 2007) De regel voorbij
Satoshi Shiraishi (exam 2006) A Real-Time Timbre Tracking Model Based on Similarity
Sergio Luque (exam 2006) Stochastic Synthesis, Origins and Extensions
Stelios Manousakis (exam 2006) Musical L-Systems
Amy Beeston (exam 2005) Sonic Control in Interactive Audio Installations


Instrument & Interfaces

Giacomo Lepri (exam 2016) Composing Interactions
Dan Gibson (exam 2015) Interaction and Interdependence
Peter Edwards (exam 2014) Collaborating with Circuits
Jan Klug (exam 2014) The Embodied Hybrid Instrument