The four-year bachelor study in Sonology offers a unique collection of subjects in which the technical aspects of electroacoustic music as well as the artistic areas where these techniques are applied are covered extensively. Courses are given in digital signal processing, writing and using computer applications, analogue studio techniques, algorithmic composition, live electronic music, the relations beween sound and space, experimental sound projection techniques, field recording, improvisation, sound re-enforcement, music theory and education. Next to the group lessons, there is more and more space for individual projects in subsequent years of the study programme. These projects can focus on technical or artistic subjects. The results of the studies are presented on a regular basis during concerts that are professionally produced and take place in the halls of the conservatory.
Graduated Sonology students find there ways as independent musicians/artits or are supportingly active in the fields of multi-media, sound-design, live electronic music, sound engineering and education.

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If you are good in mathematics and looking for an artistic environment for the further development of your talents? Do you have a passion for technique as well as art music?

Then apply for the Sonology Bachelor of the Royal Conservatoire!